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The Earth comprises of more than 70% of the most valuable resource to mankind — water. Thus, this showcases just how significant water is in our lives, especially clean water. Naturally, it isn’t surprising to see more and more houses jumping on the bandwagon of purchasing water filters for drinking purposes, but is it really necessary to get an outdoor water filter too? Short answer, yes. If you wish to eliminate contaminants and bacteria from your gardening, food wash, laundry, and bath, to say the least, you do. If you’re still on the fence, here are some signs and benefits of owning one.

What are the 3 Signs Your House
Needs an Outdoor Water Filter?


When Your Pipe Water Smells Bad

We’re so accustomed to water being odourless, but it can actually have a smell….and most of the time, if you can smell it, it’s not exactly a good sign. That’s because of the chlorine found in the pipe water, since chlorine is technically still used to clean water. Even if it’s not necessarily in amounts that could be harmful, it can be unappetising as a beverage.


Your Pipe Seems Corroded

You can tell that a pipe is corroded when it smells like sulfur, or rotten eggs. This is due to the presence of hydrogen sulfur, a colourless gas that corrodes and blackens metal pipes, eventually causing leaks. An unpleasant smell, unhealthy water, and possible maintenance bills to pay…all easily fixed with a good outdoor water filter. Bear in mind though, that while the smell is awful, it isn’t typically dangerous but you can never be too safe, right?


Brown or Yellowish Pipe Water Found

Much as water should usually be odourless, it should also generally be colourless. The brown or yellowish hues are commonly caused by dirt and sediments suspended in water, such as sand, scale, clay, and rust. Simply put, unwanted contaminants that should NOT be found in your water. This is usually found in water drawn from ponds, rivers and lakes. Thus, it is also always important to get to know where your water is drawn from.

Benefits of Outdoor Water Filter


Firstly, clean water instantly ensures tap water is safer for cooking and dishwashing. While there may be regulations in place to filter the water that reaches your home, you can never be too safe. There may still be unhealthy contaminants lurking in your tap water, so installing an outdoor water filter would remove unnecessary minerals and contaminants from the water. With an outdoor water filter in your home that also acts as a whole house filtration system, you can have a peace of mind knowing that the water is safe for family consumption.


Owning an outdoor water filter, particularly one with an excellent water filtration system, will undoubtedly improve your life holistically. Since we are exposed to water on a daily basis, it is important to remember that our skin is the first line of defense. A whole house filtration system would guarantee the filtration of the single point of entry where your water supply enters your home, and this is especially important as most water sources vary, and have different methods and levels of filtration. With an outdoor water filter, all of that will be filtered completely.


It’s not just our bodies that would feel the weight of unclean water, our wallets would too. Rather than paying for the high cost of repairs, it would be better to pay for a good water filtration system that would prevent this issue from arising. Appliances like faucets, garbage disposal, and dishwashers, are also at risk of being damaged by hard or contaminated water due to the calcium buildup deposited. This wouldn’t just affect the quality of water adversely, it would also affect the water pressure too.


It’s a universal fact that plants need water to grow, so water plays a huge role in gardening. Gardening is a labour of love, so you wouldn’t want to use dirty water on your beloved plants or veggies, would you? Bear in mind that dirty water actually washes off the essential nutrients in the soil, and your plant would be vulnerable to slow growth, poor aesthetic quality, and death. As for how dirty water would affect your laundry experience, hard water might leave yellow stains on your clothes, besides affecting the cleanliness. This is because hard water obstructs the mixture between water and detergent, leaving a dingy look to your clothes.

Come check one of the top-performing outdoor water filters available – the CUCKOO PRIME X3 which satisfies all your needs when it comes to clean water! With 3 water cleaning methods, the reengineered PVDF 2.0 ultra filtration membrane is designed with ideal pore size to eliminate contaminants and reduce clogging. In short, water is potent to fulfilling our daily basic needs.

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