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Equipped with a Lightweight Moisture Particle Technology, the CUCKOO C+ will keep your air clean and moisturised.

Not only that, CUCKOO Plasma Ioniser installed ensures every corner is covered!


Rent it  now from only RM110* monthly for the first 3 years and RM105* for the following 2 years.

*While stock last.
*Terms & conditions apply.

Air Purifier
C+ Model
Malaysia’s 1st air purifier + humidifier with periodic service

Need purified air? Looking for a humidifier? You’re looking at the right model. CUCKOO C+ Model Air Purifier and Humidifier gives the best of both air – purified and humidified!
product info
  1. Superfine Humidification Moisture Particles: Moisturises the air even in wide spaces

  2. Upgraded Ultra PM2.5 Filter: Eliminates up to 99.95% of airborne dust

  3. Plasma Ioniser: Turns harmful substances into clean air

  4. 4-filter & 7-level Filtration System

  5. Multiple Operating Modes

  6. Voice Guide with 4 Languages

  7. Plethora of Convenient Functions

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